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Key Information


Please be aware on peak periods only we operate a minimum 7 – day charge. 

A  minimum 3 - day charge applies at all other times.


Payment must be paid in full, upon drop off of your pet.

The day of arrival and the day of departure and all days booked are charged for

 (Deposits are non refundable)

Enhanced rates are charged as a surcharge of an additional £10 per day on:

Christmas day

Boxing Day

New Year’s Day


Please Note: Balcony and window rooms will attract an additional charge and are subject to availability


If your cat has a medical condition, we can administer medication prescribed by a veterinary practice although this will attract an additional surcharge. All medications must be clearly labelled.

All cats must be immunised against feline enteritis and feline flu.

All worming and flea treatments must be up to date prior to boarding.  If treatment is deemed necessary we will take care of this and, all costs shall be charged to the owner.

Items to bring with you on arrival

Your vaccination certificate must be up to date.

Food, bed or blanket and any Medication – if required fully labelled with your cats name.

The vaccination certificate shall be inspected on admission and shall be retained by us for the duration of your cats stay.

If your cat is due its vaccine please arrange this with your vet at least 10 days prior to boarding..

Many thanks

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