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  Our Guests


Our cattery is both

spacious & modern and well designed for the comfort of your cat. Our guests benefit from plenty of natural daylight and sunshine through our premium roof windows.

 Our cattery is fully heated and very well insulated for those long winter months to keep our guests warm and cosy. 


 The majority of our customers are returning guests as they see how happy their cat is on collection.

Our Balcony Rooms

Looking for a serene spot for your feline friend to relax? Our balcony rooms provides a breathtaking view of the mountains and countryside, making it an ideal location for your cat to unwind. Come and experience the peacefulness of Ballyduagn with your beloved pet.

Interior and Window Rooms

At Ballydugan, we provide a spa-like experience for your cats, giving them the attention and care they deserve. Our team is dedicated to making sure your furry friends feel relaxed and pampered during their stay with us. Trust us to provide the best care for your pet.

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